Sunday, August 2, 2009

Smoked or Fried? Over 21!

Dixie Outpost... "Where Rebels, Southerners, Smokeys, Farmers, Rangers, Yorkies & even Yankees get along nicely". No these are not different classes of people, they are the names of some of our most popular hot dogs on the menu. Be Advised: we are not your typical mustard, chili & onion kind of dog place, but of course if that is the way you like yours, then you will want to order the "Rebel". At Dixie-O you can explore unique and different ways of eating one of America's most loved foods. No you do not have to be over 21 to get in or to eat these dogs, but you can choose from over 21+ toppings for your Smoked or Deep Fried Dog. Stop in and try one our way or we will be glad to serve one up your way... you never know, your combination just might make it onto our menu.

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