Saturday, August 22, 2009

XXX Mountain Dew BBQ Sauce

Dixie Outpost is exxxcited to introduce our new XXX Xtra Sweet, "Mountain Dew" BBQ Sauce. If you like your sauce a little more on the sweet side, then you will love this thin tomato base sauce with a twist of citrus and a snort of East Tennessee's very own born & bred "Mountain Dew". I once saw a tire cover on the back of a boogie van that said... "The Moon Rises Over the Tennessee Hills in Jugs". Just so we don't run out we'll be making our sauce by the jugs too. It’s so good it should be outlawed. (Mountain Dew is a trademark product of Pepsi Co.)

Friday, August 21, 2009

"Stinky" Dog is Here.

Calling all Johnny's... Bobby's... Suzy's... and Garlic Lovers around the World... Come and Get Your very own "Stinky" Dog. As you can see in the picture above, John "Johnny" Mize just got his 2nd. Although we don't recommended this one for folks who are planning on doing any heavy courting, we do recommend it to help get you out of that tax audit. Our Louisana inspired "Stinky" Dog starts out with a deep fried beef dog and gets topped with mustard, chili sauce, onions & fresh cut garlic. Soon after your first bite you'll experience a delightful burst of garlic goodness. Comes with a complimentary breath mint.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

"Little Dive Worth the Drive"

Calling all Cruisers, Classic Car Enthusiasts & Motorcycle Riders: Looking for a new destination or a place to get some good grub and hang out a bit? If so, take a little drive "up"or "down" to Dixie Outpost in Good Ol' BlountVegas! Keep in mind "All Roads Lead to Dixie" We are located at 3172 Hwy 126 just 4 miles from the world famous Bristol Motor Speedway and just a block from the Historic District of Blountville, TN, a designated stop on the Civil War Trails for the "Battle of Blountville". We have ample space for parking & congregating. So shine it up and come show us what you've got... we love Cool Cars and Sweet Bikes.

Tired of the Same Old Taste?

True BBQ Rebels Eat Local. Whether it is our eatery or somebody elses we ask folks to help support their "Friendly Local BBQ Joint" they're still serving American Food Made in the USA. With the over commercialization of the food industry and the ease of opening up a can, heating it up and serving it up and calling it your own, it is the little roadside places that have the biggest flavor. Just in case you come looking for us, keep your windows rolled down and follow your nose to the smoke... You'll know you've arrived when you see us.

Smoked or Fried? Over 21!

Dixie Outpost... "Where Rebels, Southerners, Smokeys, Farmers, Rangers, Yorkies & even Yankees get along nicely". No these are not different classes of people, they are the names of some of our most popular hot dogs on the menu. Be Advised: we are not your typical mustard, chili & onion kind of dog place, but of course if that is the way you like yours, then you will want to order the "Rebel". At Dixie-O you can explore unique and different ways of eating one of America's most loved foods. No you do not have to be over 21 to get in or to eat these dogs, but you can choose from over 21+ toppings for your Smoked or Deep Fried Dog. Stop in and try one our way or we will be glad to serve one up your way... you never know, your combination just might make it onto our menu.

That's What You Get!

This is what you will get when you order an Original Dixie Pig sandwich. This picture shows our piled high sandwich topped with East Tennessee Red Sauce (our mildest & most popular). If you are one of those who belives "variety is the spice of life" you may want to order yours plain so you can play around with your own combination of our 7+ sauces: ranging from mild to hot & mustard to mayo. You can opt for Creamy Coleslaw on the top or on the side. Our sandwiches comes in 3 sizes: Lil Pig (1/4 lb), Big Pig (2/3 lb) and if that isn't enough you can order the 1/2 lb Hawg.