Monday, October 26, 2009

Dixie-O T's

You guys have been asking for'em, so come and get'em. We have a fresh run of Dixie Outpost / Blountville (Short-Sleeve) T-Shirts available for sale at the restaurant. These shirts are extra sof t and comfortable at only $10 Bucks each. Get yours while they last. We will have more designs coming soon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Chick' Dogs are Coming!


You never know where your customers come from, but thankfully they do come. Yesterday we had a customer from Kingsport tell us that he found us thru a web post someone had put up about the Power Tour that rolled thru Blountville/Bristol back in June. After doing a little internet searching I found the post and have put the link below. Thanks for the kind words fellas! Glad you enjoyed your visit and keep sending us customers.

Take a joy ride along with the fellas from Mother's Polishes Waxes & Cleaners and see what they saw from Kentucky to Tennessee...

Can't say that I have ever thought of our local spaceship as a landmark, but I guess we should use whatever resources we have to draw folks in to BlountVegas.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Feedback" In Other's Words

In a restaurant business like ours "Feedback" is vital to our success. Good, Bad or Otherwise!

Here are a few of the kind things folks have been saying about Dixie Outpost:

"The Best Food in Blountville"-Daniel Huffman

"The Best BBQ Around"-Kurtis Bausell

"You wouldn't expect to find wings this great off the main road" "Awesome Chips Too" -Lynn

"The Rebel is the Best"-Chris S.

"Excellent BBQ... Very Good"-Fred Bradley

and one of our favorites...

"Well you're not R----wood or Pr--ts, but you got'em running scared!"-T.J. Diltz. (We consider it an Honor to be named in the same sentence as these two fine eating places, D-O)

But don't take our word for it, come get a little taste for yourself. We'd love to hear what you'll have to say.

Thanks for Speaking Up!